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BPM Supreme LLC’s exclusive partnership with Reloop will entitle customers who purchase and register a Reloop DJ product, a ‘3 months membership’ to the BPM Supreme record pool. In order to be eligible for this promotion the user must be a new user to BPM Supreme and must have purchased and registered a Reloop DJ gear product. Once a Reloop customer enters their Reloop DJ gear product number at reloop.bpmsupreme.com, they will receive a 3 month free trial of the BPM Supreme Standard membership. Each product number may only be registered once so we advise that users do not share or post their codes publicly. There will be a $1.00 US pre-authorization charge that will be refunded to the trial user within 5 business days. Users will not be charged a membership fee until the end of the promotional trial period: 3 months from the time of sign-up on the same day of the month as sign-up. At the end of the promotional 3 months, users will be charged $19.99 US on a monthly auto-renewal basis, but can cancel their account any time before a renewal, following the instructions here:

How to Cancel Your Account

BPM Supreme LLC is not liable for any dysfunction of the physical gear. If there are any issues Reloop customers experience please contact Reloop's product support on their website:

Reloop Contact:

Promotion is open to all qualifying Reloop products. Depending on your geographic location, BPM Supreme services might not be available in certain areas. Please contact BPM Support if you have any issues.

Reloop is not liable for any issues with the BPM Supreme membership. If there are any technical or billing issues regarding your BPM Supreme account please contact BPM Supreme’s product support

BPM Supreme Support

Visit BPM Supreme’s full Terms and Conditions page for more membership and privacy information.